Portsmouth’s First Citizen

For 83 years, the citizens of Portsmouth have honored an individual for his or her contributions to the community by naming that individual Portsmouth’s First Citizen.  Portsmouth’s First Citizens are individuals who embody the spirit of citizenship through service to the community. Each year the public is encouraged to submit nominations for the award and a First Citizen Committee, comprised of the former First Citizens, makes a final selection. The Portsmouth Service League is proud to announce that Mr. John G. Hatcher, Jr. is honored as the 2016 First Citizen of Portsmouth. 

The Portsmouth Service League will hold a banquet in his honor at the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel on April 20, 2017. All proceeds from ticket sales and corporate and private donations will benefit The Wesley Community Service Center and Portsmouth Service League’s Scholarship Program.


First Citizen invitation

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Recent First Citizens of Portsmouth

  Mr. John G. Hatcher, Jr., 2016 First Citizen of Portsmouth








 Lynn Mapp Wiggins, 2015 First Citizen of Portsmouth

  Richard Kendrick Huneycutt, 2014 First Citizen of Portsmouth


  Richard E.H. Wentz, 2013 First Citizen of Portsmouth










W. Carroll and Gloria M. Creecy, 2012 First Citizens of Portsmouth




Portsmouth's First Citizen









Cdr R. Malcolm Fortson III, USN (Ret.), 2011 First Citizen of Portsmouth 



Former Portsmouth First Citizens

Past Portsmouth First Citizen Honorees

  • *The Hon. Norman R. Hamilton-1932
  • *John A. Morris-1939
  • *Edward W. Maupin, Jr.-1940
  • *The Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. Harold Nott-1941
  • *Frank D. Lawrence-1942
  • *RADM Felix X. Gygax, USN-1943
  • *George T. McLean-1944
  • *Thomas Alva Willett-1945
  • *The Hon. Lawrence W. I’Anson-1946
  • *Leslie T. Fox-1947
  • *Sol Fass-1948
  • *Maywood O. Lawrence-1949
  • *Abner B. Hill-1950
  • *The Hon. Porter Hardy, Jr.-1951
  • *Lewis C. Warren-1952
  • *The Rev. Ernest K. Emurian-1953
  • *J. Roy Rodman-1954
  • *O.B. Woolridge-1955
  • *Harry A. Hunt-1956
  • *The Rt. Rev. William A. Brown-1957
  • *Arthur J. Lancaster-1958
  • *Fred Beazley-1959
  • *Arthur Lee Cherry-1960
  • *Richard F. Wood-1961
  • *Russell Mills Cox, M.D.-1962
  • *George T. Ewell-1963
  • *Lester Lloyd Knight-1964
  • *John Tydings Nix-1965
  • *Wilfred Fleming Magann-1966
  • *Dr. Robert Monroe Campbell-1967
  • *The Hon. John Ashton MacKenzie-1968
  • E. Saunders Early, Jr.-1969
  • *Robert Murdaugh Reed-1970
  • *Mearl A. Kise, Ph. D.-1971
  • *Paul Curtis Stokley-1972
  • *The Hon. Richard J. Davis-1973
  • Herbert K. Bangel-1974
  • *P. Stockton Fleming-1975
  • *Emily Nichols Spong-1976
  • *Frank Langley Kirby-1977
  • *George Delman Eastes-1978
  • *Daniel W. Duncan Ph. D.-1979
  • *Robert William Wentz, Jr.,-1980
  • *RADM Jamie Adair, USN, Ret.-1981
  • *Emile S. Sayegh, M.D.-1982
  • *Peter Eustis-1983
  • Bradford L. Cherry-1984
  • *John Paul Conwell Hanbury-1985
  • *J. Herbert Simpson-1986
  • Anne Hyde Long-1987
  • W. Ashton Lewis-1988
  • P. Ward Robinett, Jr.,-1989
  • *Arthur J. Lancaster, Jr.-1990
  • Herbert A. Haneman, Jr.-1991
  • The Hon. Morton V. Whitlow-1992
  • Maury Wise Cooke-1993
  • Zelma Goodman Rivin-1994
  • Junius H. Williams, Jr.-1995
  • *J. Hunter Brantley, Jr.-1996
  • *Ernest F. Hardee-1997
  • Horace S. Savage, Jr.-1998
  • G. Robert Aston, Jr.-1999
  • David R. Tynch-2000
  • Michael J. Blachman-2001
  • Diane Pomeroy Griffin-2002
  • R. Scott Morgan-2003
  • Nancy Glisson Wren-2004
  • *Arthur A. Kirk, M.D.-2005
  • William H. Kline, Jr.-2006
  • *James W. Holley, III-2007
  • *Albert J. Taylor-2008
  • Donald W. Comer, Jr-2009
  • Robert T. Williams-2010
  • CDR R. Malcolm Fortson, III-2011
  • W. Carroll and Gloria M. Creecy-2012
  • Richard E. H. Wentz-2013
  • Richard K. Huneycutt-2014
  • Lynn Mapp Wiggins-2015