PSL History

The Portsmouth Service League was founded in 1955. A group of 34 young women, who were concerned with the affairs of their community, decided to organize a group with similar social and educational backgrounds, and aim toward affiliation with the Association of Junior Leagues of America. With much help from the Norfolk Junior League, those charter members drew up bylaws, elected officers, advisors, and began selling the idea of the Service League to agencies in the community. At first it was difficult to convince these agencies that volunteers would be dependable, but through dedication and hard work those charter members were soon able to gain the respect of the agencies which they served, a respect and admiration fortunately maintained to this day.


The League’s proudest accomplishments include the foundation of the Children’s Museum of Virginia; the establishment of the Portsmouth Girls Club, later to become Girls, Inc.; and the establishment of the Naval Shipyard Museum. In total, the League has raised and invested over $1,000,000 in the community and countless volunteer hours.